Wednesday June 30, 2021

Today’s Reading: Psalm 68

Sing to God! Sing praises to His name. Exalt Him who rides on the clouds – His name is Yahweh-and rejoice before Him.

Psalm 68:4

Reflection: Hear how the psalmist describes the LORD God. He is a Father of the fatherless, providing perfect care and provision. He is a Champion of widows, the One Who speaks and acts on their behalf, supports them with all they need, and encourages them by His Truth. The LORD has gone out before His people, to lead them through the vast desert to a place of safety, a land flowing with milk and honey. He showers down blessings as much needed rain, quenching the dry and thirsty heart, refreshing and reviving all who will receive what grace He gives in abundance, bearing fruit that blossoms from His nurturing Hand. The LORD God is good to provide for the poor. He remembers the forgotten and sees those who are ignored by others. The LORD is faithful to those who are seen as the least. He holds every tear, knows every sorrow, and has drawn near to them to provide comfort and peace. The LORD is a God of Salvation, for all who trust in Him have escaped the sting of death. Though they will sleep at the end of their lives on earth, God’s people rise again because He bears their sin and has redeemed them for eternity.

This is the God we serve. When He makes His Presence known, His enemies flee to escape His sight. To the LORD they are like tendrils of smoke that vanish before Him. This great God is the One Who strengthens us. This mighty God is the One Who has drawn near. Of all the wonders that could be marveled about God, the point perhaps most wondrous is that He in all His power would choose to love us mere mortals so well.

Prayer: Almighty God, the heavens declare Your glory. The ages speak of Your faithful love. Creation praises You and reminds me of how wonderful You are. Who am I that You would love me so deeply and fully? I am like the grass that withers and the flowers that fade, and yet You care for me. Thank You for Your goodness, LORD. Thank You for Your amazing grace. Please help me to live in faithfulness to You as Your child. Show me how to trust in the love that You’ve first shown me. I pray this in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Bible, Romans 13; 1 Samuel 25; Psalm 68