Today’s Reading: Psalm 94

Can the One who shaped the ear not hear, the One who formed the eye not see? The One who instructs nations, the One who teaches man knowledge- does He not discipline?


Psalm 94:9-10


The holy and righteous Judge, the LORD God, is the perfect Judge. He is the One Who executes perfect judgment and brings about perfect justice. His people are dependent upon His judgment, especially as they undergo affliction and suffering for His Namesake. Hear the psalmist cry out to God. After witnessing the evil deeds of people, the ways that they come against the LORD, he does not seek justice by his own hands. Instead, he asks God to judge over the people, to execute right vengeance, and to carry out justice for him.

Those who live in refusal of the LORD’s statues continue in their own ways. They believe that they are accountable only to themselves, that they are ungoverned by anyone but themselves. To them the psalmist asks, ‘Can the One Who shaped the ear not hear, the One who formed the eye not see?’ He Who has designed instruments by which people observe the world around them is the One Who Himself observes all that they do. He hears their every word and every word said to them. He sees all they do and all they experience. Moreover, He sees and hears every thought undetected by others, every struggle and every sin, and therefore discerns each person with perfect understanding.

Who can object to such perfect judgment, such complete knowledge of the universe? Those without God have no one to appeal on their behalf and are left by themselves to answer for their actions, both good and bad. But what we must do as believers in the LORD is observe the example that the psalmist gives to us. We must also trust in our God’s perfect judgment and His execution of perfect justice. We must seek His resolutions to the wrongs of the world, and trust Him to carry out what is good and right.


Loving God, You indeed are the perfect Judge. You rule and reign with complete sovereignty and execute perfect justice. You see and know all movement throughout the world. You know all things observable and all things hidden within every human heart. Thank You for never failing to execute Your perfect judgment. Thank You for answering the cries of Your people and working together Your Will without fail. I pray that You help me to increasingly depend on the justice You provide instead of that which I am sometimes tempted to take into my own hands. Help me to look to You for Your sovereignty to be made known. I pray these things in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Bible, 3 John 1; Ezra 7-8; Psalm 94