Today’s Reading: Psalm 97

You who love the Lord, hate evil! He protects the lives of His godly ones; He rescues them from the hand of the wicked.


Psalm 97:10


The LORD is the awesome Protector of His beloved. He is their constant refuge and strength, their shield and safety. He preserves their lives in eternity, making sure to not lose a single soul that has put its trust in Him. In the distress of His people, the LORD answers. He always delivers them.

When Israel cried out for help, the LORD was good to answer. Even before they knew Him, He became their source of rescue. After freeing Israel from the hands of Pharoah, God continued to help them by great displays of His glory. By day, He appeared as a pillar of cloud. Thick darkness surrounded Him to keep His holiness from the sight of the people. By night, the LORD appeared by pillar of fire. He illumined the darkness of night as a beacon to guide Israel through the wilderness. All that the people witnessed of God throughout those years of wandering were confirmation of the LORD’s majesty which was made known to them. Generations now remember that God worked this way, and are assured that the same eternal God Who brought the Israelites safely to a land of milk and honey provides deliverance to all Who know Him.

Exalt the LORD, then, all who are glad to worship the Most High God. He continues to bring safety to His people. No matter what trial or suffering at hand, the one who belongs to the majestic King is preserved throughout eternity. All who have received this generous blessing can rejoice and give praise to the LORD their God.


Almighty God, You are indeed my refuge and strength. You go to great lengths to provide Your constant care for me. You have gone to great lengths to ensure my eternal salvation. You paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure my redemption, O LORD. What great love You have shown to me! I praise You for all the ways You remind me of Your good and perfect plan. Thank You for being so good to reveal glimpses of Your glory everyday. Thank You for being so good to reveal Your glory by Your precious Word. Help me to give You constant praise in all I do. For I need Your help even to give You glory. I lift up this prayer to You in the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Bible, Revelation 2; Nehemiah 3; Psalm 97