Thursday September 2, 2021

Today’s Reading: Psalm 119:65-96

Lord, You have treated Your servant well, just as You promised.

Psalm 119:65

Reflection: The LORD our God always keeps His promises. Throughout Scripture, we are reminded of His faithful love for His people. In bringing the Israelites out of bondage, He saw them to the Promised Land, a good land flowing with milk and honey. Even when they sinned against Him, God was good to fulfill His Word for their benefit. After generations of rebellion, the people were taken into captivity by surrounding nations they strove to be like. Even after they had rejected the LORD, He promised them that He would not forsake them. Instead, He would bring rescue, and He would fulfill His plan of salvation. Through Jesus, the LORD kept this great and wonderful Promise, which achieved far more than could ever be imagined. It would be rescue not only from temporal bondage, but from sin and death. The LORD has indeed treated His people well. They have received undeserved grace through his Work at Calvary. They have everlasting life through His Son. All these and more have been fulfillments of His promises made long ago.

Jesus continues to lavish His followers with all that they need. He has healed them by His wounds and granted them rest in His Presence. He has said He would be with them always, and so continues to be. What He says He will do serves as hope and as warning, as blessing for all who follow and as curse for those who test Him. All the world falls short of perfection, and even the most earnest people are not able to keep all of their promises. But God certainly keeps all of His. Trust in the LORD and all of the promises that He has declared to You through His Word. He is faithful.

Prayer: Loving God, You are forever faithful. Thank You for always keeping Your promises. Thank You for never leaving nor forsaking us, and for not giving us what we deserve, but instead blessing us according to Your great mercy and grace upon us. You owe us nothing, but LORD, You bless us so richly. We know joy, hope, love, and everlasting life all becuase You have so freely given it all to us. Thank You, LORD. We lift up our praises to You for all that You’ve done and declare our gratitude to You in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Bible, 1 Timothy 2; Isaiah 34-35; Psalm 119:65-96