Today’s Reading: Isaiah 40:1-8

The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.


Isaiah 40:8


The Lord has given His comfort to those who have sinned against them. He proclaims His peace upon those who deserve punishment for their transgressions. God is a Just God and will not excuse the sinful acts of His people. He will not disregard the evil of those who have rebelled. But here, He comforts Jerusalem, declaring that while they have sinned and were destined for punishment, the debt for sin has been paid. All that has been owed for sin has been satisfied in full.

Comfort is established for all because the Lord Himself has come to pay for our transgressions. A voice cries out to us to prepare the way for Him. Make way for Him because He is drawing near to You. Because humanity could not redeem itself from the debt of sin, God came down to dwell on earth through his Son Jesus Christ. He has received the wrath of God on our behalf, that in exchange we would receive from the Lord His forgiveness and nearness. The Lord has indeed shown His Faithfulness upon us. So make Way for Him, that you are prepared to receive in full all that He has done. The faithfulness of people blooms and withers like the flowers of the field. Our feeble attempts to remain faithful to Him have all failed. Our fickleness throughout history has caused us to betray our God, to forget, to doubt, to sin against Him. And still, the Lord God’s comfort endures forever through the perfect Work of Jesus. Praise God that He is not like us but chose to become one of us for our sake. Praise God for the comfort and assurance that Jesus gives.


Lord of Comfort and Strength, God of Compassion, You grant me such assurance in the Work of Your Son. Thank You for being faithful, though I have not been faithful. Thank You for being loving even when I have not loved You fully. Thank You for generously giving according to Your grace and not my righteousness. Where would I be without Your Salvation? Help me to rest in Your perfect Peace today. Keep me focused on Your gift of eternal freedom, that I would live in joy and gratefulness unto You and do all things to please You in return. I pray all of these things in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.


Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Ephesians 2; Ezekiel 6-7; Isaiah 40