Today’s Reading: Psalm 38

So I confess my guilt; I am anxious because of my sin.


Psalm 38:18


What a relief it is for the psalmist to confess his sins to the LORD, to ask his God to take all his sin away. For the burden of sin that he experiences is like that which we feel of our own sin when we try to keep it from God. It rises up from below to drown us. It weighs down upon us as a heavy burden. It festers like foul wounds within our soul, causing pain and sickness until we are faint. When sin has begun to take over, others from afar can see it thriving within us and stay at a distance. Sin truly leads to suffering and death if it is not cleansed from us.

The end of sin begins with the LORD. There is no chance to be saved from sin but by God’s redemption. There is no way to be relieved by its burden but by God’s strength. Only does the Great Healer have the ability to cleanse the festering disease of sin from our souls and restore us to spiritual health. The psalmist knows that God will utterly destroy sin, regardless of whether or not he wants to be separated from it. And so it is for us. If we ask for the LORD to take it away, He will surely do it. But if we cling to our sin, we are guaranteed for destruction along with it. What is worse than suffering from sin is receiving God’s punishment for sin because we have refused to flee from it. We are not perfect people. We are sinners who cannot escape sin on our own. But because we depend on a perfect God, we can be assured that by Him our sin is taken away. Is the burden of sin weighing upon you? Do not fear! Also, do not try to manage with it on your own. Seek the LORD Who has saved You from sin, and He will answer.


Everlasting God, You are righteous and just. You are loving and gracious to save me from sin and powerful to take it away. You have conquered sin and death, LORD, and I have hope of everlasting life only because of You. Thank You for Your rescue. Thank You for the work You’ve done through Your Son Jesus Christ to deliver me from sin. I confess my sin to You now. I confess my need for You every moment to be kept from its power. Please, LORD, let me follow after You closely. Help me today to trust in You completely. I pray these things in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.


Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Hebrews 3:1-4:13; Genesis 48; Psalm 38