Today’s Reading: Romans 1:1-6

“Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus, called as an apostle and singled out for God’s good news…”


Romans 1:1


God’s Good News is found in Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of God’s promise made long ago in prophecy and Scripture. Jesus, through His resurrection from the dead, proved that He was the Holy Son of God. By Him we have been given amazing grace. Because of Him, we can enjoy a relationship with God.

Paul describes himself in relation to God. He calls Himself a slave of Christ. The word slave is translated in Greek to describe someone who is completely devoted. Paul is at Christ’s beckon call not because he is forced against his will to do so, but because of his intense desire to follow Christ’s will. Understanding the truth about Christ’s identity affects Paul’s identity in relationship to Him.

Paul calls himself first a slave to Christ, and then an apostle of God’s Good News. The order is important here. This is because knowledge of Christ is what makes Paul decide to devote his entire life to the Gospel Message. The first devotion affects the second. Paul is an apostle, a teacher of the Good News because He has chosen to dedicate His life for the cause of Christ. He has become a sharer of the Truth of Jesus because he has first surrendered his life to Him. As people who proclaim the Gospel, we also must first be yielded to God’s leading before we are fit to go where He calls. In order to be effective teachers of God, we must first belong to Him. Paul’s life testifies to the abundant spiritual harvest that can be brought about by a single life given over to Christ. How close is your relationship with God? How devoted are you to Him?


Loving God, the reminder of Your work through Jesus makes me rejoice in praise to You. Thank You for Your faithfulness to fulfill Your promises. Thank You for Your love and devotion shown on the Cross. I pray that just as You have shown such love for me, You would help me to devote myself to You also. Help me to grow closer to You Lord, that my life would bring You glory. I pray all of these things in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Romans 1:1-15; 1 Samuel 8; Psalm 54