Wednesday March 17, 2021

Today’s Reading: Psalm 141

Lord, I call on You; hurry to [help] me. Listen to my voice when I call on You.

Psalm 141:1

Reflection: God is the protector of our souls. While evildoers may try to destroy God’s people physically, they cannot jeopardize our life into eternity. Only sin can do that. This is why the psalmist prays to God to have his own actions and desires guarded by God. He asks God to guard his own mouth from saying evil things, and his heart from straying to the side of evil. He prays against the temptation to do evil. The psalmist can withstand the trials of this life as long as soul is preserved. His eyes are focused on eternal life.

God is our Refuge for eternal safety. Focusing on our earthly well-being can keep us from seeing ourselves in the span of eternity. Often, we concern ourselves with the here and now, with the worries of this life and what is to be gained and enjoyed only in this lifetime. But the Lord God, the Eternal God, has much greater concerns for us. His Help ensures salvation from the temptation of sin and the separation it creates between us and Him. Through His Son Jesus, He has answered the cry of the psalmist, and every other person who cries out to be saved. The factor which destines us for Heaven with the Lord, which preserves us for eternity is the Lord Himself. It is not our own righteous deeds or pure thinking (since we fail in both these areas), but God’s good redemption of us. How good it is to have the Lord to protect us from the snare of evil, and save us from our own sin. How great is His Faithfulness to hear and answer our cry for help.

Prayer: Almighty God, You are our Eternal Help. You have heard our cry for salvation and seen us in our bondage to sin. You have lifted us out of the miry clay and set us upon a Rock, a firm foundation by Your Son Jesus Christ. You build us and restore us by Your Spirit, and keep us safe in Your Eternal Protection. I have nothing to fear, because You preserve my soul. Thank You for all that You have done for me. Thank You for Your Mercy and Compassion. Please strengthen me for all that I must withstand to walk in Your Way. Lord, I pray that You grant me even greater faith to do the things which You desire. Help me to live with You in mind today. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: 2 Peter 3; Jeremiah 45-46; Psalm 141