Monday September 21, 2020

Today’s Reading: Psalm 60

With God we will perform valiantly; He will trample our foes.

Psalm 60:1-12

Reflection: Following God’s lead guarantees victory, and true defeat occurs when we undertake situations without Him. David and the Israelites knew from their battle history that whenever God fought for them, they were guaranteed triumph over their enemies. On the other hand, whenever the Israelites went into battle without God’s leading, they failed miserably. After suffering defeat in battle against the Edomites, King David goes to God in prayer. David confesses that Israel needs Him to fight for them. Only God’s assistance will guarantee their success.

Whenever we enter into battle or any situation, we are acting either for or against God. We act in ways that either follow His lead or rebel against it. And we cannot expect God to be for us if we are not for Him first. Only by first seeking and heeding His Counsel can we expect His Help. There is blessing in remembering that we are completely dependent on God, and that we need His Direction. After King David suffers defeat, he does not wonder how he can enlist more men to tip the scales in his favor. David does not ponder over how well-equipped his soldiers are or if he should enlist other countries to help fight Israel’s battle. Instead, he goes to God. He has experienced what it is like to fight without God, and knows he is in need of Him. For human help is worthless, he says, and only by God’s valiant performance can victory be won.

Prayer: Lord, You are my Savior and King, my Refuge and my Strength. Thank You for Your Help which guarantees victory unto Your Name. My life is lived in triumph when I submit to Your Will Show me the ways that I go before You, reveal to me whenever I act against You. Increase within me a desire to follow Your lead in every situation. I pray all of these things in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: 6; 1 Samuel 15; Psalm 60