Wednesday March 31, 2021

Today’s Reading: John 12:20-36

Jesus answered, “The light will be with you only a little longer. Walk while you have the light so that darkness doesn’t overtake you…”

John 12:35a

Reflection: When a character in a movie or TV show is near death, they may be shown walking through some sort of dark tunnel towards a light at the end of it. They are surrounded in darkness and the light is just out of reach. They are nearing the next life. This type of scene depicts the idea that there is some sort of eternal journey we undergo on the way to heaven after we die. This idea could not be further from the truth.

While with a crowd, Jesus reveals Himself as the Light of the world, and He urges those around Him to follow Him not after their life on earth is done, but now: “The light will be with you only a little longer,” Jesus says, “walk while you have the light so that darkness doesn’t overtake you.”

We will not follow a light one day at the end of our lives. Instead, our choice in this life to follow the Light of the World marks when our life for eternity with Jesus truly begins. Only by Jesus is one able to overcome the surrounding darkness of this world. Jesus speaks to the crowd as His darkest hour approaches in order for the world to be saved from darkness. The True Light, the Light of the World, is not just out of reach for us as some may think. The Light of the World, Jesus, has already drawn near to us, has come within our reach in order that we would not be left in eternal darkness. Let us not wait until “a little while longer” has passed before we choose to believe in Him. All that needs to be done is believe in Jesus and walk in His Holy Light.

Prayer: Glory be to You Lord Jesus, the Light of the World. By Your darkest hour we have been redeemed. Saved and guided by Your Light, we are able to see everything clearly in Truth. Not only have You saved me by Your act of sacrificial Love, but You also continue to love and care for me so generously. Thank You for providing all that I need for this life and the next. Thank You for Your Presence, by which I am sustained. You are all that I need, Lord. Please help me today to walk in Your Light, and to make all of my choices in coincidence with the choice I have made to walk with You. I love You Lord, and pray all of these things in Your Precious and Holy Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Ephesians 5:1-20; Ezekiel 14-15; Isaiah 44