Today’s Reading: Luke 13:10-17

Then He laid His hands on her, and instantly she was restored and began to glorify God.

Scripture Luke 13:13

Meditation: Through this miracle, Jesus displays His authority and power over demons, sickness, and disease. A woman who is “disabled by a spirit for 18 years” is finally free (v.11). For almost 20 years, this woman would have experienced both a constant physical toll on her body, as well as the shame of being ostracized by those around her. The Jews at that time believed that generational and present sins could result in physical disabilities. Therefore, the crippled, lame, blind, and long-term ill were believed to have either sinned themselves or had parents who sinned. This woman would have lived a life of not only disability, but loneliness.

By casting the demon out of this woman, Jesus restores not only her spiritual well-being and physical health, but also a place in the community. She is able to live a completely different life of peace, health, and fellowship because Jesus draws near to her. In response to all that Jesus has done for her, the woman glorifies God.

Our praise can also be simply that: a response of gratitude to God. But sometimes, we make things complicated. Like the leader of the synagogue, we can uphold our own standards over God’s desires. We can get so caught up in trying to look good enough for God that we forget about what He truly seeks from us: a heart of praise. Right now, take a moment to remember something that God has done for you. Let your praise be a simple response to what He has done.

Prayer: I praise You, God, for the love that You’ve shown me through Jesus, and for the way that You’ve changed my life through Him. Help me to live today in thankfulness and praise for what You do for me. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Luke 13:1-17; Genesis 23; Psalm 16