Thursday June 17, 2021

Today’s Reading: Psalm 54

 I will sacrifice a freewill offering to You. I will praise Your name, Lord, because it is good.

Psalm 54:6

Reflection: God’s Holy Name is good. Therefore, we can praise Him even before our prayers to Him are answered. The psalmist’s pleas are for rescue from his enemies that surround him on every side. Yet, in the same breath, while he is waiting for the LORD’s answer, he is able still to declare God’s goodness. The psalmist does not offer sacrifice to God or praise Him in order to receive blessings, but because of how he has been blessed already. He is not praising God in order to be blessed, nor is the psalmist praising God in advance. He is praising God as a response to all that the LORD has done first. As we also lift up our requests to our God in prayer, we must not wait until He answers us to praise Him. For there are already proofs of God’s goodness upon us that we can easily recall. There are so many good things that He has done for us that He deserves praise already.

Just think of all that the LORD has done for you today: how you rested, how you woke up, how you received blessings from His bounty, how you inhaled air to sustain you every moment without thinking about it. What gifts of time, of health, of energy, of sustenance there are for which you can praise Him! And these only account for a fraction of His earthly blessings. How much more we can praise Him for His love, joy, peace, purpose, and eternal Salvation! The LORD is faithful to answer the prayers of His people. In the meantime, He must be praised, for his Name is good. Have you paused to praise God today?

Prayer: Loving God, I praise You for You are truly good. You are slow to anger and rich in kindness. You are generous to bless and abounding in steadfast love. You are the Eternal King, and all Your mighty works give You glory. All Your good and faithful acts remind me that You are indeed wonderful. Thank You for being my God, for ruling with goodness and righteousness, and for caring for me. Please speak to my heart, LORD, and bring to my mind constant thoughts of You, that all I do would be in response to Your perfect love. Please help me to love You more fully. I pray these things in the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Bible, Romans 1:1-15; 1 Samuel 8; Psalm 54