Friday August 28, 2020

Today’s Reading: Job 37:14-24

“Yet out of the north He comes, [shrouded] in a golden [glow]; awesome majesty surrounds Him.”

Job 37:22

Meditation: While we cannot reach the Almighty God, He in His great love has come to us. Elihu declares the the power and majesty of God through the wonder of Creation: lightning, clouds, wind, and light. Reflecting on God’s Greatness causes Elihu to reason, ‘Who is Job to even try to approach God? How can Job’s feeble efforts to talk to God ever bridge the disparity between him and God?

Elihu is right to reason that we are far from being able to reach God ourselves. But He doesn’t realize that God in His greatness draws near to us. We remember how He dwells among them in His Tabernacle. He communicates to them in dreams. And He speaks to His people, as He will soon do with Job. And as believers in Jesus Christ, we know the fullness of God Who takes on human flesh and gives His life on the Cross for our sins. As Elihu describes God as approaching in a glow of majesty, so does God reveal Himself to us as radiantly as a light in the darkness. God does not hide from us in secret. But in countless ways through history, will make His Presence known.

When we feel far off from God, we must not be distraught by Elihu’s words that ‘we cannot reach Him.’ For while this is true, the Good News is that we do not have to reach God. He has already drawn near to us through His Son Jesus Christ. And in our lives of faith, we only need to watch and wait in expectation of His joyous Return. Are you seeking God? When you find Him, you will realize that it is because He has already drawn near to you.

Prayer: Sovereign Lord, thank You for drawing near to me, and for reminding me of Your power and majesty through Creation. You saw my weakness and my need for You, and came to me by Your Precious Son. Help me to remain in steadfast hope in Your return Lord, that Your Glory which surrounds me would help me to remember that You are ever near. I pray these things in Jesus’ Name. AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Acts 17:16-34; Judges 7-8; Job 37