Tuesday March 16, 2021

Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 44:1-9

Again and again I sent my servants the prophets, who said, ‘Do not do this detestable thing that I hate!’

Jeremiah 44:4

Reflection: The Lord God hates sin. He hates sin because it harms those He deeply loves. God has seen throughout time the devastation sin has inflicted upon His people and the damage it has done in His relationship with them. Sin counters what God provides in full. Sin causes people to stray from His good and perfect design. Nothing good comes from sin. We can understand then, that God marvels when we choose to sin instead of follow His instructions, when we reject Him in favor of what destroys us.

“Do not do this detestable thing that I hate,” says God, “why bring such great disaster on yourselves?” Because God is the only Source of Life, because only He is truly good, all that His anger burns against is evil. All upon which His wrath is poured out leads to destruction. As God speaks to Israel, He calls to us too. Why should we follow false gods after tasting and seeing that the Lord is good? Why should we refuse Him after having receiving the benefits of the mighty works only He could do? Disaster and temptation may beckon us to come near to them, to rest in rebellion against God, but the Lord out of His passionate Love for us warns us to stay away from that which He hates. Listen to the Lord’s command to stay away from false gods, and the sin of doing what stems from our own desires. We have known the true Goodness of God, and find life with Him only. We benefit only from that which comes from Him.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for loving us so much. Thank You for Your continued Protection and blessed Providence. Thank You for knowing and reminding us of what is truly Good: all that is of You. Thank You for giving us Life in its purity and fullness by Your good Work, and for allowing us to receive it through Your Son Jesus Christ. I pray, Father, that You would keep me from sinning against You. Preserve my thoughts to be only of You and the things of heaven. But when I do fail, Lord, remind me of Your Grace. Keep me focused on Your Will, that I would have no more room to desire my own. I pray all these things in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Biblestudytools.com): 2 Peter 2; Jeremiah 43-44; Psalm 140