Monday November 23, 2020

Today’s Reading: 2 Kings 14:23-29

 However, the Lord had not said He would blot out the name of Israel from under heaven, so He delivered them by the hand of Jeroboam son of Jehoash.

2 Kings 14:27

Reflection: Even during the reign of a corrupt and evil king, the Sovereign King brings about His purpose for Israel. Jereboam II is a ruler who leads Israel into committing sinful acts against God. He does what was evil in God’s sight, destroying God’s relationship with His people. But even during the reign of Jereboam II, God is still at work. Through Jereboam, God restores Israel’s border, which secures the nation. Through this account, we learn a lot about God that grants us assurance today.

God is Faithful. God restores Israel’s border in order to preserve them, just as He promises. At this time, Israel is suffering from the consequences of living as a corrupt and evil nation. The people have not only inflicted evil amongst each other, they have also forsaken God. Through war, their borders are left unsecured and vulnerable to attack from other nations. They are rendered helpless becuase of their own actions. But the Lord sees their affliction, and even in their sin has a Hand in fortifying the nation’s protection against their enemies. Despite their sinfulness, God desires to preserve the Israel and keep it safe from outside attack.

God is also Sovereign. God weaves the reign of an evil king into His all encompassing preservation of Israel. Jereboam II was a king who was known for following in his father’s footsteps by ruling the people unjustly and practicing idolatry against God. Even though Jereboam refuses to worship God, God is still able to work through Jereboam for good.

No one is outside the reach of God. He is capable to using those outside of His fold as well as those within His flock. He uses those who are for Him as well as those who are against Him. He is faithful regardless of our faithfulness to Him. If God is willing to use even those who are His enemies, how much more can He use those who try their utmost to serve Him, despite their imperfections? If God is faithful to Israel, who has completely forsaken Him, how much more faithful is He to His children who return to Him after having gone astray? The story of God, Jereboam, and Israel perhaps bears resemblance to our own failings. But more importantly, reveals God’s steadfast Faithfulness to His people.

Prayer: Lord, I am in awe of the mysterious ways in which You work. I give You praise that while I may not completely understand how You work, I can trust in Your Work. I exalt You, Lord, for You are Sovereign and Faithful. Thank You for the assurance that even as I stumble through my journey of faith, You are ever True. Show me how to be faithful as You are faithful. Help me to trust in Your Sovereignty. I pray these things in Jesus’ Holy Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: 2 Corinthians 1:1-2:4; 2 Kings 14; Micah 4:1-5:1