Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy 4:32-40

You were shown [these things] so that you would know that the Lord is God; there is no other besides Him.


Deuteronomy 4:35


Through signs and wonders, God makes Himself known to Israel. He proves the magnitude of His Power not only to His people, but also to all those who hear and see His great works. In his speech to Israel, Moses speaks specifically of the time that God brings Israel out of slavery in Egypt. He tells Israel to recall when the Lord freed them from Pharoah through miraculous proofs of His Might, terrible plagues that challenged the abilities of the Egyptian gods. Through these works, Moses says, God proved not only that He was more powerful than the other so-called gods, but also that He was the only God. No other was like Him.

God’s work through the plagues were an invitation to see His qualities and character: that He is Powerful and Mighty, Divine over other ‘divine beings,’ the True God. Surrounding nations would hear about the God of Israel Who vigilantly protected and provided for His people. On the other hand, God’s work also reveals His Grace, Patience, and Unfailing Love. Yes, God showed Love for His people and destroyed all against them, but He also gave opportunity after opportunity for Pharoah to relent and let His people go free. God would wait for the chance that Egypt would release the people. Only as Pharoah’s heart hardened after each plague would God send more devastation upon the land.

Moses’ call to the people to trust in God’s Work is also an invitation to all who are seeking the validity of the God of Ages. It is a reminder to those who know Him and a new opportunity for those who do not. Are you unsure if God is real? Here is your invitation to seek the Truth about Him in the accounts written in His Word. Take in the evidence of His Glory and Grace throughout history. See for yourself that He is God. There is no other beside Him.


Everlasting God, Your Work is perfect. All Power and Glory and Splendor belong to You. Your Love, Grace, and Faithfulness is unending. I praise You, Lord, for You have revealed Yourself to us. You have made Yourself known by Your wonderful deeds, and grant me all that I need to be able to trust in You completely. Please help me to continually seek You in Your Word, that I would always be filled with the reminder of Who You are and all that You’ve done for me. All of these things I lift up to You in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, my Lord, AMEN.


Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Revelation 17; Isaiah 1-2; Psalm 108