Today’s Reading: Psalm 74

Arise, God, defend Your cause! Remember the insults that fools bring against You all day long.


Psalm 74:22


The Will of the LORD God Almighty can neither be prevented nor destroyed. God makes His Will known, and no one can come against the work that He does. Throughout history, there have been devastating movements that sought to eradicate the Word of God, to eliminate His Presence on earth, and to destroy His people. But no movement against God has ever been able to stop the movement of His Spirit and the spread of His Truth within the hearts of men and women. What those against God do to stamp Him out are vain attempts at impeding all that the LORD orchestrates in His power. But there is nothing under the sun that God does not see. There is nothing that He cannot overwhelm or overcome. By His Breath, He made creation. By His sovereignty, He continues to rule over all things. Nature obeys His commands, and the beasts of the land, sea, and air are no match for Him. The LORD dictates the seasons, the laws that govern the earth. He has named all that we observe and know around us. How would He not be able to defend His own cause?

As believers, we desire to be strong on God’s behalf. We are passionate about defending His Truth. In line with His heart for others, we do our best to live boldly for Him and to stand against all that is not of Him. But there is hope in that even when we are weak, the LORD is strong to defend Himself. Though He uses to further His Will, He is the only One qualified and equipped to do His perfect work. All those who come against Him fail. the LORD’s glory continues to be made known.


Sovereign King, O LORD my God, You are strong and mighty and none can stand against You. Your wisdom, power, and authority are unmatched, God. All sin and evil is limited, but You reign forever. I praise You and exalt You today, grateful that You have called me Your own. I am thankful, LORD, that even when I am weak, You are strong to fulfill Your purpose and further Your Will. Please use me as a vessel, LORD, of Your glory. Direct me and guide me in Your Way, that my heart would be one with Yours. I pray all of these things in the Name of Jesus my Savior, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Bible, John 10:22-42; 2 Chronicles 9; Psalm 74