Wednesday August 18, 2021

Today’s Reading: Psalm 107:23-43

They saw the Lord’s works, His wonderful works in the deep.

Psalm 107:24

Reflection: The heavens declare the glory of the LORD. So too, does the created world in which we live. Even now, all the earth is at His beckon call, bringing to Him glory with every movement, both in rising and in falling. In the infinite nature of God’s attributes, He has created all things known and still to be discovered on earth. He orchestrates and directs the fiercest tempests which rise higher and sink lower than can be surveyed by the human eye. The storm can only go where the LORD wills it to go, and will subside only at His command. As was the case with Job, God has the ability to use any atom of matter, any moment in time for His good purpose. By one raging, churning sea, He draws some to Himself, and also keeps some who are running from His Presence. For He has made all these things and is working through them still.

The LORD’s might and power can be seen when fruitful lands become salty and barren. The Giver of life has all authority to take away, that all people’s dependence on Him is known. Likewise, by the LORD, deserts can be turned into refreshing pools and verdant pastures as He so desires. And He is good to shower upon His beloved His generous blessings. The most needy, the most suffering are restored completely by the LORD’s grace. There is no height or depth, no place far off where we can escape God’s glory. For those refusing to acknowledge His work, the LORD will take away His hand to show a dark destitute land without Him. But for His people, God causes them to rejoice by all that He has done. There is nowhere that God has not made His glory known.

Prayer: Infinite God, You are the Creator of the universe. All that moves and breathes, all of Creation has been fashioned and made by You. Creation points to Your power and might, Your beauty, Your wisdom, Your omniscience. You are marvelous, LORD. I know because all that You have created has been made good. I praise You, LORD, for only Your Hand brings life, and only You bless us Your people. Please continually open my eyes to see You at work, and teach me to look for You wherever I am. Help me to seek You for guidance in all that I do. I pray these things in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Bible, Revelation 16; Esther 9-10; Psalm 107:23-43