Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Today’s Reading: Psalm 140

Protect me, Lord, from the clutches of the wicked. Keep me safe from violent men who plan to make me stumble.

Psalm 140:4

Reflection: Far beyond what the human eye can see, there is a spiritual battle that continues between good and evil. For the prince of darkness and his demons wander to and fro about the earth seeking to take souls away from the God Who created them. Evidence of this evil can be seen in people who seek to harm the Family of God or to lure people away from God. King David in his prayer speaks of the trials he is experiencing becuase of evil at hand. He speaks of how the effects of spiritual darkness is witnessed in tangible ways. Evildoers seek after him, wanting to destroy him and the people under his care. They are diligent in setting traps that will cause him to stumble. They are focused on seeing his demise.

Even today our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces which exist in heavenly realms. Because evildoers are being used by much greater forces which are not seen, rescue from them must come from a far greater source than the strength of people. David, though a great and mighty warrior, knew this very well, and wisely sought the LORD for help. He asked for the safety which protects all that should come against him. He asked for God’s rescue which would bring him out of danger. David asked for all his enemies to be consumed by the evil they allowed to control them. And he asked for all the righteous, the ones who sought the LORD to be answered and preserved. Such should be our prayer, too. For we ourselves cannot battle against darkness. But God’s power far surpasses what the enemy can do. The enemy has limits, unlike the Everlasting God. Nothing and no one can come against the LORD.

Prayer: Eternal Father, thank You for Your rescue, and for hearing my prayers in times of need. You are high upon Your Holy Throne, LORD, and yet, You are so good to draw near to me. Please keep me safe in your care, I pray. Help me to trust in Your strength and seek Your protection in a world full of darkness. Help me to depend evermore on Your might, O LORD. In Jesus’ mighty Name I pray, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Bible, 2 Peter 2; Jeremiah 43-44; Psalm 140