Monday March 22, 2021

Today’s Reading: Psalm 146

The Lord reigns forever; Zion, your God [reigns] for all generations. Hallelujah!

Psalm 146:10

Reflection: The word hallelujah is an exultation, a command which literally means “praise God.” The psalmist calls those around him to give God the praise He deserves for all of His work, past and present. God is the God of Jacob, to whom He has kept His promises through generations. God is the Creator, the One Who has designed and made the universe. The things of earth – living and non-living – all point to the wise, powerful, beautiful God Who created them all. The Lord God has indeed done miraculous things. But His work continues today and has not stopped. God remains faithful to His people. He is the One Who executes perfect Justice and grants true and eternal Freedom. He is the One Who provides daily bread. He does more than meet earthly needs. He also opens the eyes of the blind to His Glory and Grace. He welcomes all who believe in His Son into His Family and destroys all those against His own. God reigns forever.

The hallelujah of the psalmist which exhorts praise to God is in itself praise to God. The invitation which beckons others to worship the Lord is itself worship unto Him. This is how praise works. It stems from a fountain of God’s Truth within the human heart which overflows outward into audible, visible expressions of thanks to God for Who He is and what He has done. As praise outpours from one person, it draws out from others more praise, more thanks, more worship. Let the praises that we exalt to God cause others to also give God the praise He rightly deserves.

Prayer: Loving and everlasting God, You deserve all of our praise. You are worthy of every utterance and action of worship we can give You. You are the God of Creation. You are the God of our Salvation through Jesus Christ. You have done marvelous things, and You alone neither slumber nor sleep. There is no one like You, Lord. Even this day is of Your making. Thank You, Lord. Help me to live in praise to You wherever I am, especially today. Please Lord, may the reminder of Your mighty works draw out from within me an overflow of praise to You in all I think, say, and do. Help me to give You the praise You deserve. I ask all of these things in Jesus’ wonderful Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Galatians 4:21-31; Lamentations 3-4; Psalm 146