Friday, October 22, 2021

Today’s Reading: Luke 16:1-12

“Whoever is faithful in very little is also faithful in much, and whoever is unrighteous in very little is also unrighteous in much.

Luke 16:10

Reflection: God gives us resources great and small to invest in His Kingdom. In the parable of the shrewd manager, Jesus shows how a dishonest man embodies the approach we should have towards the resources we have.

When a rich man tells his lazy manager to give him an account of what he’s done with his money, the manager, knowing that he will lose his job, makes friends with the rich man’s debtors by settling their accounts with the rich man for less than what they actually owe. He befriends the debtors, knowing that he will be able to seek their help when he is jobless. While his work is dishonest, the manager is commended by the rich man for using his resources to secure his own future.

Like the shrewd manager, we are managers of God’s resources and will one day be called to give an account of how we invested what we’ve been given. The difference is that we are to use what we have been given to fulfill the LORD’s desires. While this includes material resources, it also encompasses our time, relationships, talents, words, actions, community, and more. Like the shrewd manager, we must act now with what we have while we have the chance. Honoring God is not about how much we have to use, but about how much of what we have we are using to glorify Him. We can either invest in the future of God’s Kingdom, or in our own gain, like the shrewd manager. Working for ourselves brings only temporary security, but using our resources for God’s Kingdom grants the assurance that God secures our future through eternity. What would the world look like if every one of us invested what we had towards God’s work? Take inventory of what you have been given to use for God. Be encouraged today to invest it in His Kingdom.

Prayer: Almighty God, You are swift and generous to bless. All that I have is because of You. Thank You for all that You have given for me to use for Your glory. Grant me Your inspiration and strength to invest these blessings back into the cause of Your Kingdom. In Your Son Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Luke 16; Genesis 27:46-28:22; Psalm 21