Friday July 17, 2020

Today’s Reading: Song of Songs 1:1-4

Oh, that he would kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is more delightful than wine.

Song of Songs 1:2

Meditation: The Song of Songs presents an image of what a relationship of love between God and His people can be like. The young woman speaks about her love for a young shepherd, her beloved. She longs for kisses from him, signs of personal and intimate affection and love. She longs to be near to him. Don’t we who love God experience this too? We are filled with thoughts of Him. We seek Him every moment and want to be close to Him at all times. When in love with God, we cherish Him and the opportunities we have to be with Him. God is precious to us.

The love of God is far better than the love of the young shepherd that the woman has experienced. It is indeed more delightful than wine, as she describes: more delightful because we cannot ever be too full of it; more delightful because we have free access to it at all times; more delightful because it will never turn sour; more delightful because it is pure. We could never be impaired by it, physically, mentally, or spiritually. Rather, being consumed by God’s love makes us better lovers of God and of others.

The love that we experience with God is contagious because of Who He is. The beloved young shepherd possesses character which draws the young woman to himself. Others seek the love that is witnessed between the young woman and the young shepherd. God is like that for us. His love is contagious. Putting our love for God on display and allowing others to see how completely and tenderly He loves us causes others witnessing this relationship to long for what they see. God’s love is powerful and valuable, and a relationship with Him is prized by all Who know His love.

Have you experienced the perfect love of God? If not, receive the blessing that is waiting for you in God. If so, may it ever be on display as boldly as it was for the young woman in love, that others would benefit from being drawn to the Lover of our souls. There is nothing that compares to the way God loves His people.

Prayer: Precious Lord, I love You. I am grateful that You pour out Your love upon me in countless ways. I praise You that You love me completely. Thank You for Your perfect love. I pray that Your love would transform me to love You more and to love others better. Help me to live out of Your love. Show me what it is to love the way that You do. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Matthew 22:1-22; Numbers 21; Song of Solomon 1:1-2:7