Today’s Reading: Luke 1:46-56

…for the Mighty One has done great things for me— Holy is His Name. 


Luke 1:49


When Mary receives confirmation from her cousin Elizabeth that she will give birth to the Messiah, she is filled with joy. She submits completely to God’s Will for her to fulfill this honor. But already, her life for the sake of Jesus will include much hardship from His virgin conception to His sacrificial death. Yet still, Mary’s song of God exalts His movement throughout the generations leading to the arrival of Jesus. Mary’s rejoicing over God overwhelms any difficulty she may experience for the Savior’s sake. God’s call upon her life, the appointment He has given to her is cause for celebration.

In her praise and her servanthood, Mary exemplifies the willingness that we all could have to be used by our God. While she may not have imagined all that the Messiah would endure for the sins of the world, she would have already had enough time to consider the difficulties which might arise from carrying a child out of wedlock. All these things were small costs to count against the blessing it would be to be a vessel for the Lord. It is through the humility of His servants that our Lord shows Himself more clearly. Those who fear Him find His Mercy, those who are humble are exalted by Him. The hungry see His Providence at work. God keeps those who seek Him and includes them in His incredible deeds. They need only to rejoice in God’s call and glorify Him through lives of humble servanthood, no matter the cost.


Almighty God, You have done great things. You have worked Your Will throughout every corner of the universe. You have shown splendid proofs of Your Majesty, Power, and Sovereignty. You continue to provide me with daily bread. You have saved my soul, Lord. Thank You for the opportunity to serve You and be included in Your Work. Thank You for Your Grace to grant me purpose. Please help me to hear where You are calling, Lord. Show me Your Will for my life as I continue to draw nearer to You. Thank You, Lord, for using me. I pray all of these things in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.


Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Luke 1:26-56; Ezekiel 34; Isaiah 58