Friday August 20, 2021

Today’s Reading: Psalm 109:1-19

In return for my love they accuse me, but I continue to pray.

Psalm 109:4

Reflection: In this psalm is the echo of the Savior’s great love displayed on the road to Calvary, His great love which knew no bounds, but was met with scorn. As Jesus performed the greatest act of love the world would ever know, He did it in the midst of jeers and taunts. He surrendered Himself to the Will of God the Father as the cowds humiliated Him.

What a great love that couldn’t be pondered enough! All that David asks the LORD to do to his enemies are well within God’s power to accomplish. Surely God could let cursing fall on those against David, and allow them to be left in sin. Surely the LORD can work the downfall of anyone. And yet, we see a marvelous thing that He does to His own enemies, even for them. Though many attack the LORD’s only Begotten Son, though Jesus is met with vile hatred, He continues to move by the Will of His Father. The Savior is steadfast in obedience to and trust in God, praying not for His own Will, but for the Will of His Father to be done. Because Jesus is willing to abide by and in the LORD’s great Plan of Salvation, because He is willing to sacrifice His Life for the sins of the world, His enemies are able to become His friends. Much greater things are done when God’s Will is done.

No one can do what Jesus did. But the Christian is called to exemplify Jesus. How can we begin to wholeheartedly love those who hate us? How can we desire goodwill for our enemies? We must begin by remembering our Lord, Who showed faithful love as He hung on the Cross. We must continue by praying to the God of our Salvation, Who has made us, who were once His enemies, His friends. Oh that we would continue to seek Him in prayer, that our actions would reflect the love He has first shown us!

Prayer: Almighty God, You are the God of faithful love and amazing grace. You are slow to chide and swift to bless. You are unmatched in mercy and goodness. You are full of compassion and righteousness. I praise You for the saving Work of Jesus, and all that You have done through Him to secure my place with You. Thank You, LORD. Help me to love my enemies, LORD. Let me repay all hatred against me with the love that You have shown, that even my enemies would see You more clearly. Please grow me by Your love, I pray. I lift these requests to You in the Name of Jesus Christ Your Son, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Bible, Revelation 18; Isaiah 3-4; Psalm 109:1-19