Tuesday November 24, 2020

Today’s Reading: Micah 5:7-15

Then the remnant of Jacob will be among many peoples like dew from the Lord, like showers on the grass, which do not wait for anyone or linger for mankind.

Micah 5:7

Reflection: We are free in Jesus. Hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus Christ, the prophet Micah foretells of the restoration of the remnant of Jacob, the scattered people of Israel who would be saved by their coming King.

God promises that His people will be made free. His deliverance of His people is vast like a dew which showers the grass. God’s salvation will not fall among some of Israel, but will be known among the nations and for all those who have scattered throughout the entire world. God’s deliverance will also be one of strength, like that of a young lion that is fierce against all other animals. Israel will be strengthened against all of their enemies, and will no longer be helpless against them. Lastly, God’s deliverance will purify and restore the people back to God. Idolatry, pagan worship, all types of evil will be cleansed from the land. All forms of false worship against other gods will be destroyed. The people will be separated from the things which once separated them from God in order to be near to Him once again.

This message is declared by Micah during a time surrounding Israel’s fall against Assyria. The people had been either scattered or captured, and the land was under Assyrian rule. Imagine being a captured Israelite, having recently experienced the fall of your country, and hearing about this prophecy. This message was an assurance of God’s rescue which was fulfilled in Jesus Christ. While God speaks of rescue specifically to captured Israel, His message through Micah affects us too, because it foretells of the coming of the Savior of the world. In hindsight, we not only see how God’s vast deliverance has been extended to all people, but also know that God’s deliverance is far more than just a physical deliverance for the here and now. Yes, He is able and willing to grant physical freedom from oppression, injustice, and bondage. But more significant is that God promises an everlasting freedom that affects our eternity long after our lives on earth end.

God through Jesus grants deliverance from all that separate us from Him, namely sin. Through this freedom, we are then strengthened by Him and restored to Him for eternity. Have you sought to be made free by the Savior? This deliverance is not just for the remnant of Jacob, but falls as a refreshing dew over the land, covering all those who are eager to be soaked in the assurance of God’s great salvation.

Prayer: Lord, You are worthy of all praise, for You by Your mercy and grace have made me free. Thank You for saving me from sin, for delivering me from captivity by the things of the flesh and making me a new creation. Thank You for restoring me and drawing me near to You again. I praise You Lord, for I am saved! Help me to live my life for You. I pray these things in Jesus’ Holy Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Biblestudytools.com): 2 Corinthians 2:5-3:18; 2 Kings 15-16; Micah 5:2-15