Today’s Reading: Psalm 53

The fool says in his heart, “God does not exist.” They are corrupt, and they do vile deeds. There is no one who does good. 


Psalm 53:1


Israel’s deliverance has indeed come from Zion. God’s people rejoice because the LORD has set the captives free! How hopeless life must seem to those who do not know God, who say in their heart He does not exist. In a world without God, there is no good to hope for, no person to trust in, no lasting purpose. The world is filled with corruption and evil, where destructive and terrible acts are done every moment by people. There is no good person who walks the earth. While many may try to be good, their own sin causes them to fail in thinking, saying, and acting in ways that are righteous all the time. Amidst the ever-increasing darkness that envelops the earth, there is hope only in the Work that God has done for humanity, specifically through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Light pierced the darkness one day when our Lord and Savior came down from Heaven to live with us. While all had turned aside from God, Christ approached us in His goodness. While we could not be good, He lived giving unceasing glory to the Father. Because He was so good to obey the LORD unto death on the Cross, our sins have been forgiven. All can be freed from the bondage of sin because God exists, and because He has really redeemed us all. Woe to those who refuse to believe in the LORD, for they will one day indeed know what life is like without His Presence. But for all who seek God with their whole heart, they will always have reason to be glad. Rejoice, people of God, for the LORD has assured you hope because of all that He has done.


LORD, I look around at the world and see that You are God. I recall the abundance of all that has been afforded to me and know that You have had Your gracious Hand in it all. I remember what You have done through Son Jesus and am filled with thanks for Your mercy and goodness. Thank You for being a God that has drawn near. Thank You for making Yourself known to me, LORD. I pray that You help and equip me to share the knowledge of You with others. I want others to see that You are real. I want them to know that You love them too. I pray all these things in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Bible, Acts 28:17-31; 1 Samuel 6-7; Psalm 53