Wednesday January 6, 2021

Today’s Reading: John 18:1-11

When He told them, “I am He,” they stepped back and fell to the ground.

John 18:6

Reflection: Jesus’ Glory is revealed by His Name, the Name of God which was first uttered to Moses from the burning bush. His Holy Name translates to mean, “I AM,” which identifies the One True and Living God, the Eternal, Ever-Present One. Jesus as in times before declares Himself to be One with the Father, but this time also pairs it with a glimpse of His Glory in a new way. In Jesus’ Presence, at the utterance of His Name, the armed soldiers and guards step back and fall to the ground because of the Power He displays by it. Against the Power of His Name alone they cannot stand. Think about that. At just the utterance of the Name of God, a glimpse of His identity, strong men are rendered completely defenseless. Moreover, these men fall back at the mention of Jesus’ Name because Jesus Himself is the One Who declares it. By proclaiming His Name, Jesus displays an ounce of His Majesty. As in the Beginning of time, when God spoke the universe into existence, Jesus displays that same power as He speaks His Name. Here, Jesus not only declares His Power by His Name, but proves the Power of His Name by simply speaking it.

There is only One Name which holds Glory, and that is the Name of the LORD. It is not a ‘magic’ word. It is more. It is sacred, set aside for the Almighty God. If just the Name of the LORD carries with it such weight and power, imagine the breadth and width of the full Power of God, the very Power that Jesus possesses! And then imagine watching Jesus allow Himself to be led away by those He had shaken at the mere mention of His Name just a few moments before. What Love and Sacrifice, what Purpose must have concerned Him to set aside this great Power for the sake of His Father’s Will and His beloved people.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, Your Power and Might are incomprehensible. And Your Love and Grace are unfathomable. When I recall the wonder of Your Power, I am even more in awe of the fact that You willingly laid it all down for my sake. Praise You, Lord, for this great Sacrifice which I do not deserve. All Glory and Honor are due to You, for no one else could have done the Work that You did on the Cross. I ask that You please keep in the forefront of my mind the thought of Your Power and Majesty, that the magnitude of Calvary would bear even more weight upon my heart for You. I pray all of these things in Your Wonderful Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: John 18:1-18; 2 Chronicles 26; Psalm 83