Wednesday May 27, 2020

Today’s Reading: Genesis 44:1-13

Then they tore their clothes, and each one loaded his donkey and returned to the city.

Genesis 44:13

Meditation: The memory of our sin can be used by God to bring about our repentance and transform our hearts. In testing his brothers, Joseph gives them a chance to respond to a situation concerning their brother Benjamin. This opportunity brings them back to the time when his brothers sell Joseph into slavery over a decade before. The test is difficult for the brothers, but ultimately helps them recall their past sin from years ago and allows space to restore their relationship with Joseph. Moreover, it reveals the transformation of the brothers’ hearts since their last encounter with him.

Unlike their callousness toward Joseph when they sold him into slavery, Joseph’s brothers are concerned for their brother Benjamin and return back to Egypt with him, even though Benjamin is the only one told to return to Egypt for the crime he didn’t commit. Later on, Judah, the brother who convinced the others to sell Joseph into slavery years ago, will be the brother who offers to take Benjamin’s punishment for himself and serve as a slave in Egypt. All the while, this situation with Benjamin causes the brothers to lament over the time that they sold Joseph into slavery.

The reminder of our past sins can be painful and even debilitating. And even for those of us who know that Jesus has taken away our sins, we can allow ourselves to be bound to the past, enslaved by guilt, regret, or shame. But realizing our sin and repenting from it can allow God to bring about true transformation within us. Do you feel burdened by the memory of sin that is attached to who you once were? If so, allow God to lift up your head! He knew your need for a Savior and freed you from sin through Jesus Christ. Repentance allows Jesus to repurpose the memories of your sins and use them as markers which show progression in your walk with God. He has the ability to use all of who we are to transform our hearts and change us for His Glory.

Prayer: LORD, You are the Great Redeemer. Thank You for the reminder that all my sins that once burdened me have been washed away by Your Beloved Son. Thank You that You are not done with me. Thank You that You are continuing to do a good work in me and through me. I pray that You transform my heart, LORD, and continue to guide me in my walk with You. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Luke 24:13-53; Genesis 44; Psalm 35