Today’s Reading: Psalm 7

Lord my God, I seek refuge in You; save me from all my pursuers and rescue me… 

Psalm 7:1


Against the largest group of enemies or most powerful adversary, God always establishes the majority and the advantage. No hoard or fury of pursuers can stand against the One Almighty God. For His beloved, He answers their cry for help and delivers His perfect Judgment. No one is defeated if they are for God. And no one can stand if they try to stand against Him.

What foolishness it is, then, to act contrary to His uprightness! How irrational it is to choose to leave His side! While the psalmist remembers that the Lord hears the cries of His people, those who follow Him, he also recalls that the wicked, the unjust, the evil and deceitful, no matter how strong or mighty, are vulnerable and weak against the Lord. Every moment is the perfect moment to stand with our God, for He never leaves us nor forsakes us. When the Lord is for us, none can be against us! But woe to all who choose to stand against Him.


Almighty God, You rule in perfect Wisdom and Justice. You have displayed wondrous acts of Your Power and Glory throughout time. There is no one who can come against You. I see and confess my need for You, for I know that I am lost without Your Mercy and Provision. I am hopeless without Your Presence, Lord. But with You, I have all that I need. Teach me and grow me to submit to Your Sovereignty, Lord. Help me to remember at all times that You never fail to grant all I need to give You praise at all times. I love You Lord, and pray these things in the Name of Your Precious Son Jesus Christ, AMEN.


Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Luke 8:26-56; Genesis 13:1-14:24; Psalm 7