Today’s Reading: John 2:1-12

“Jesus performed this first sign in Cana of Galilee. He displayed His glory, and His disciples believed in Him. After this, He went down to Capernaum, together with His mother, His brothers, and His disciples, and they stayed there only a few days.


John 2:11-12


Have you ever been too busy to notice the presence of Christ in your life? In our reading from John, Jesus performs His very first miracle at a wedding in Cana. This miracle saves the newlyweds from public disgrace and keeps the celebration going in an amazing way, as Jesus turns water into wine.

But the interesting takeaway at the end of the text is that only Jesus’ disciples follow Him after the wedding. Not the newlyweds, not the party guests, no one else from the wedding realizes the miracle that has just happened, nor do they realize the One Whose presence made it possible. There is no great fanfare or praise of Jesus, no thanks to Him for saving the day. Jesus simply leaves with His mother, His brothers, and His disciples without a peep from those at the party.

How often do we miss out on the presence of Jesus by being too wrapped up in our own situations? How often do we celebrate the solution to our problems and not give thanks to the One who solved them? How often do we take Christ’s presence for granted in our lives instead of following Him more closely?

It is very easy for us to miss out on Jesus’ presence in our every day happenings if we are not in touch with Him on a daily basis. So, let’s think through some ways we can be aware of His presence in our lives.

What are some things Jesus has done in your life and how do those things that Jesus has done act as invitations for you to follow Him?


Dear Lord, it is truly a miracle that You, the God of the Universe, have drawn close to me in Jesus. I am so blessed that You are my God and that I am Yours because of Your Son. I pray that You would help me to be more aware of Your presence. Help me to not take You for granted. Help me to see Your presence as an invitation to follow You even more closely. I pray these things in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.


Thru the Bible in a year (credit: John 2; 1 Chronicles 10-11; Zechariah 1