August 23, 2020

Today’s Reading: Acts 6:8-15

 But they were unable to stand up against the wisdom and the Spirit by whom he spoke. 

Acts 6:10

Come to our Sunday Outdoor Worship Service OR Listen to Rev. Solomona’s sermon from today’s 10AM Sunday Worship Livestream on our Facebook Page, Reflect on the Text Notes and Life Notes below.

NOTE: We will not have Monday Life Group meetings for the month of August. We will relaunch in September. Stay tuned for details!

Sermon Main Idea: A Godly Church reflects God’s Image inside and out.

Text Notes:

  • Stephen’s Character (v.8-10)
    • Full of grace and power
      • χάρις: favor | δύναμις: raging might
        • God’s presence led to great wonders and signs
      • Full of wisdom and the Spirit
  • Stephen’s Critics (v.11-14)
    • Argued with Stephen
    • Could not refute his speech
    • Fabricated charges against him
      • ὑπέβαλον (hupebalon) – instigated slander:
  • Stephen’s Countenance (v.15)
    • Like the face of an angel
    • Reflected God’s glory as a result of God’s presence
    • Displayed peace, not fear

Life Notes: Stay close to God.

  • God dwelling in us produces Godly character.
  • God dwelling with us produces Godly countenance.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for reminding me today that I am made to reflect your Image. Thank You for the blessing and responsibility that is attached to this truth. I pray that You show me ways to better serve You, love You, and represent You in the world. Help me to live by Your Will and character. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Acts 15:1-21; Joshua 23-24; Job 32