July 19, 2020

Today’s Reading: Acts 4:32-35

 And with great power the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was on all of them.

Acts 4:33

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Sermon Main Idea: God’s love lives in Christian fellowship.

Text Notes: Three Characteristics of Christian Fellowship (v.32-35)

  • Tightened in relationship to each other (v.32a)
    • καρδία (kardia) – heart: your will (volition)
    • ψυχὴ (psyche) – soul: your essence (feelings)
  • Loosened in relationship to things (v.32b, 34-35)
    • The believers believed that…
      • What they owned was not their own
      • What they received was for those in need
  • Centered on relationship to Christ (v.33)
    • Testifying to the resurrection with power (δυνάμει)
    • Experiencing God’s grace (χάρις) together

Life Notes:

  • Love the Church. What are some of the positive results of believers loving one another? What are some ways we can engage believers with whom we have nothing in common apart from Christ?
  • Let go of things. What “things” other than possessions do we need to let go of in order to love other believers? What are some things we should check before letting go of things so that our “letting go” is about “loving the Church” and not “looking for attention”?
  • Live for Jesus. Why is it so important to live for Jesus when loving the Church and letting go of things? What does it mean to live for Jesus?

Prayer: Loving God, thank You for calling me into Your family. Thank You for the ways You empower me to serve You as a part of Your Church. I pray You would continue to unite me to Your Church underneath the authority of Your Son, that we Your people would be a beacon of Truth and Love to others. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Biblestudytools.com): Matthew 23:1-12; Numbers 22:41-23:26; Song of Solomon 3:6-5:1