March 28, 2020

Today’s Reading: Matthew 21:1-11

When He entered Jerusalem, the whole city was shaken, saying, “Who is this?”

Matthew 21:10

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Sermon Main Idea: Jesus is the Sovereign King who comes to bring salvation.

Text Notes:

  • Jesus is the King in control of His journey. (v.1-3)
    • No detail of Jesus’ mission is outside of His command, for He is God.
  • Jesus is the King prophesied by Scripture. (v.4-5)
    • Jesus’ fulfillment of God’s Word reveals His divinity, nobility, and humility.
  • Jesus is the King recognized as Messiah. (v.6-9)
    • The people on their way to Jerusalem hail Jesus as their promised Savior.
  • Jesus is the King whose presence unsettles pretenders. (v.10-11)
    • The people of Jerusalem are disturbed by Jesus’ entry and recognize Him as a threat to their lifestyle.

Life Note: Accept Jesus as King of your life.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, You are our Eternal King. You reign with complete sovereignty over the universe. You told us of your arrival, and You came to save us from our sin. Thank You for being our Lord. Thank You for Your Holy Presence and nearness. I pray that the story of Palm Sunday would continue to bring to mind Your Kingship, Your Rule, Your Plan which has saved me. Help me to always live in gratefulness to You. I ask these things in Your Holy Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Ephesians 3; Ezekiel 8-9; Isaiah 41