Tuesday June 8, 2021

Today’s Reading: Psalm 45

You are the most handsome of men; grace flows from your lips. Therefore God has blessed you forever.

Psalm 45:2

Reflection: No physical description was made in Scripture of the Lover of our souls, but His actions of power and meekness have made Him the fairest of men to have ever looked upon. He healed hands and feet, even those that would work sin against Him, even eyes that would look upon others with contempt or lust, even ears that would ignore the cries of the poor. He fed even those who would act out of greed. Our Lord’s words of wisdom, compassion, and boldness have made Him beautiful. As He lived among humans, grace upon grace flowed from His lips. He spoke for and prayed for those who would betray Him. He was not afraid to teach boldly against the lies of those held in high places, for He had dwelt in the highest Place, clothed in splendor in Heaven before putting on humanity to walk in humility among sinners. He has surely done great deeds. His Work of Salvation is for eternity, as is He.

Our Bridegroom is beautiful. We His Church, His Bride, preparing to be united with Him for eternity, rejoice as we walk in the way that leads to Him. Who we have been before no longer matters. What we have done before no longer matters, for we are now known as His dearly beloved. We are His people and He is our Lord, who look forward to dwelling with Him in eternal joy and love known only in His Presence. What the LORD our God has done through His Son Jesus, our Bridegroom, is wonderful in our eyes. There is more to follow, for He will surely come back to earth for us one day. All of the LORD’s promises will be fulfilled in Him, and we will indeed praise Him forever and ever.

Prayer: O LORD, You are indeed beautiful. The way You work all things together for Your glory is beautiful. All that You do resounds You truth and love, Your righteousness and grace, Your goodness. How I look forward to seeing You face to face, LORD. How I rejoice in knowing You now by Your mercy and faithfulness. Thank You for being so wonderful LORD. Let me live in the hope of Your Promise of Salvation fulfilled, let me be motivated always by the approaching chance to dwell with You in Your kingdom forever. Let me live a life that shows how much I love You, LORD, for I love You so much. I pray all of these things in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Biblestudytools.com): Acts 23:23-24:9; Judges 20; Psalm 45