Today’s Reading: Psalm 48

Your name, God, like Your praise, reaches to the ends of the earth; Your right hand is filled with justice.


Psalm 48:10


There is peace, joy, and safety in the places where God’s Sovereignty is known. The psalmist describes the city of Jerusalem, God’s Holy City, as a refuge, a place of worship and eternal celebration. God’s people who dwell here experience peace not only because of God’s fierce protection from surrounding enemies, but also because His Presence fills the city in which they happily dwell. The people praise God because of all that He does for them. God reigns as King and He rules with faithful love.

This is what life is like as a citizen of God experiencing God for Who He truly is. But sometimes, it is not enough for us to be citizens of the Kingdom. We want to be kings and queens of our own world. We limit God to the outskirts of the city and welcome danger because we don’t give Him the throne. But only when God is given the highest place does He wield His power to show us complete and eternal joy. Only when we surrender all things we control into God’s hands do we discover the rest that comes through trusting Him. Human, your abilities pale in comparison to the Almighty God. Who do think is better suited to lead your life and manage your corner of the universe? Citizens of God are not happy rulers. Instead, they are happily ruled by the True King, the only One Who reigns with faithful love, perfect justice, and unmatched power. Who is your Ruler? Who reigns in your life? May you have the courage to be like the citizens of Jerusalem who rejoice into eternity because God is their King.


Almighty God, I praise You for Your great works. I rejoice in Your Sovereignty. Thank You for ruling with perfect love, peace, and justice. I acknowledge You as my Savior and King, Lord. You alone deserve the throne of my heart. Please help me to surrender every area of my life to Your leading, that all aspects of it would give you praise, and that I would know the fullness of joy that comes from giving You all control. I pray all of these things in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Acts 26:1-18; Ruth 3-4; Psalm 48