Monday May 24, 2021

Today’s Reading: Psalm 30

I will exalt You, Lord, because You have lifted me up and have not allowed my enemies to triumph over me.

Psalm 30:1

Reflection: What a wonder it is that the LORD lifts His people up. When we exalt our God, we are right in doing so because of His Majesty, His Sovereign reign, His Holiness, and His Goodness. The LORD deserves to have His Name exalted. But how mysterious it is that the LORD would choose to exalt us, that He would lift us up. What have we we done to be raised up, not just in name as we exalt our LORD, but in fullness out of sin? Who are we to be lifted out of the Pit, our deserved place of punishment for rebelling against Him?

There is a vast difference between the way that we lift up the LORD and the way that He lifts us up. When we lift up the LORD, we exalt Him to the place that He belongs. The honor we ascribe to Him is a deserved offering for all that He has done for His people, is a response of gratitude for His righteous work of Salvation given freely. But how amazing is the way that the LORD lifts up His fallen people! Even in our sin, He has lifted us out of destruction and set us high upon a rock. Even when we were still far from Him, He has been gracious to us. In fact, it is this very work, the Salvation that He has worked for sinners like us, that gives cause for us to respond in exalting His Holy Name. His work prompts us giving Him Glory He deserves from us. It is out of the favor He has granted to us that we reply to Him with songs and shouts of praise. Praise be to the God Who has lifted us up, Who has saved us from destruction and death, Who, through Jesus Christ, has conquered the grave for sinners like us!

Prayer: Loving God, before You, I was wallowing in the miry clay without footing. I was destined for destruction as punishment for my sinfulness. But You, LORD, by Your amazing Grace, lifted me up. You Rescued me by Your Mercy. I give you all Glory. I lift Your Name up high because You have truly done mighty works for the benefit of Your imperfect people. Thank You LORD. Please help me to exalt Your Name each moment that I have today. Help me to give You the Glory You deserve. I pray these things in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Luke 22:1-38; Genesis 39; Psalm 30