Today’s Reading: Psalm 6

Turn, Lord! Rescue me; save me because of Your faithful love.

Psalm 6:4


In our sin and our failures, we are never too far to return to God. When we frustrate Him to anger with our lies and our selfishness, when we invoke His wrath against us with our sloth or our malice, the Lord is still good to grant us His Mercy if we but turn to Him earnestly for forgiveness.

We must not deny that God punishes His people when they do wrong against Him. Shouldn’t every good parent correct their children for their benefit? This is how the Lord teaches us to live fulfilling lives as people set apart for his Glory. This is how we know that the Lord longs for more for us than we desire for ourselves. Yes, God disciplines His people, but He does not do so mercilessly. Instead, He is faithful to forgive and keeps us from being utterly destroyed. This is why the psalmist can appeal to the Mercy of God. He can come to God knowing that the Lord hears him and will answer. When God rebukes and disciplines, He causes His dear ones to realize the blessing of His Presence and Help. He invites His people to increasingly depend on Him.

As fallen creatures, we will continue to fail God in our own strength. But because of God’s Mercy, there is always opportunity to see and know His healing, His strength, His Faithfulness, and His Love.


Dear Heavenly Father, You are ever Kind and Merciful. You never cease to forgive me when I repent of wrongdoing. Though my nearness to You ebbs and flows, You remain constant in Your Faithfulness. Thank You for calling me Your child. Thank You for loving me enough to correct me when I go against Your Will. Please continue to mold me to Your likeness, Father. Help me to more clearly reflect Your Love and Your Truth. I lift up all of these things to You in Jesus’ Holy Name, AMEN.


Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Luke 8:1-25; Genesis 12; Psalm 6