Today’s Reading: Psalm 3

Salvation belongs to the Lord; may Your blessing be on Your people...


Psalm 3:8


Amidst many enemies which surround him, the psalmist cries out to God for help. Because the Lord has already sustained him in his most dire circumstances, the psalmist is assured that he will not taste death unless it is allowed by the Lord Himself. This is our blessed hope of which we can be assured as well, because of the Mercy of God. We live not by the will or power of others either for or against us, but by the Sovereign Will of the Most High King. By His Plan are we kept to lie down and wake again each day. By His desire to keep us do we know that we can withstand any enemy.

Because God has granted us Eternal Salvation through His Son, we have all we need in the heavens and earth. Our cry of help to the Lord has been fully met in Jesus and continues to sustain us even now. No measure of enemies can undo His blessed help. No foe of ours can overwhelm the assurance of His refuge and strength. While alone we are helpless against people and principalities much stronger than us, by the Lord our God we are kept every side until eternity. Praise God for His Salvation, which is now and forever!


Lord, You indeed are my Shield and Refuge, my Glory, the One Who lifts my head. Thank You for each day that You have sustained me by Your Mercy. You are Good to keep me by Your amazing Grace. You have done the Work of Salvation which keeps me safe in Your care forever. Thank You for keeping me by Your Faithfulness and not my works, Lord. Thank You for loving me despite my sin and failure. I pray that You help me to live trusting completely in Your Will, by which I am kept until You call me home. I pray all of these things in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.


Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Luke 6:27-49; Genesis 6:1-7:24; Psalm 3