Saturday July 25, 2020

Today’s Reading: Matthew 26:6-13

But Jesus, aware of this, said to them, “Why are you bothering this woman? She has done a noble thing for Me.”

Matthew 26:10

Meditation: Nothing truly done for Jesus’ sake is ever wasteful. Days before His crucifixion, a woman with an alabaster jar empties expensive perfume out onto Jesus’ head, showing her love and devotion to Him. Whether or not she completely realizes the significance of her offering, the woman is praised by Jesus for surrendering all of her prized possession for His sake.

The disciples, who are considered closest to Jesus, are unable to see the value of the gift the woman has given. They see her actions as wasteful, arguing that the expensive perfume could have been sold for resources for those in need instead of being poured out upon Jesus. But Jesus declares that the gift she has given has indeed been rightly used upon Him because it has prepared Him for the work He is about to complete on the Cross.

How are we contributing our resources to God’s work today? While our own rationale may move us on how or what to surrender to God’s ministry, Jesus teaches us to utilize our best for His sake first. For when we first pour out our most precious resources for Him, He uses them as part of His lasting work in ways far more significant than we can anticipate without Him. Exalting Jesus and bringing Him glory is where our work for His Namesake begins. Nothing truly used for Jesus is ever wasteful. To offer our best to Jesus is to offer what we have to the worthiest of causes.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, it is only by Your Spirit that I am directed in ways that bring You the honor You deserve. Thank You for Your leading. Thank You for the woman’s example of how I can honor You with all that I have. I pray that her story would resonate with me today and onward, that I would use the blessings You have given me for Your sake. In Your Name I pray, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Matthew 26:1-25; Numbers 35-36; Job 3