Wednesday May 19, 2021

Today’s Reading: Psalm 25

Do not remember the sins of my youth or my acts of rebellion; in keeping with Your faithful love, remember me because of Your goodness, Lord.

Psalm 25:7

Reflection: It is to our benefit that throughout His relationship with His people, God remembers Who He is instead of who we are of our own accord. It is a blessing that God recalls what He has done out of His goodness rather than remembering the sins of our past. For if God remembered that His people are rebellious and stiff-necked, we would surely be destroyed. If God recalled all of the sins of His people, the fallen deeds that we have committed against Him, He would deem us deserving of punishment. We would be rightly sentenced to death. But instead, the LORD has chosen to remember His own virtuous characteristics: His love, forgiveness, and faithfulness. God has decided to respond to the truth of who we are- sinners – with the overwhelming truth of Who He is. Even in our failings, our good LORD has chosen to remember the works He has done for our sake.

Through Jesus we see a fulfillment of King David’s cry for the LORD to remember His own goodness. David knows that his own works will not earn him God’s grace, but that God’s goodness will grant it to Him freely. And in Jesus, the LORD gives grace upon abounding grace, and reveals His love, forgiveness, and faithfulness. The work that Jesus completed on the Cross has covered all of our iniquity, past, present, and future. Therefore, we need but trust in Him to continue being the wonderful God that He has been for us through the ages.

Prayer: Loving Father, thank You for dealing with me according to Your mercy and grace. Thank You for treating me with compassion, and blessing me according to Your righteousness. For if I tried to earn Your favor, I would instead be destined for death. I would fail to stand in Your Presence. But You by Your goodness have saved me. You have acted out of Who You are. I pray that You would recall to my mind daily Your wonderful deeds. Help me to live in thanks for all that You have done. Because You have given Your life for me through Your Son, I pray that You help me to live my life for You instead of myself. I lift these prayers up to You, my LORD and King. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN.

Bible-in-a-Year Reading Plan (credit: Luke 19:1-27; Genesis 32-33; Psalm 25