Today’s Reading: Romans 14:7-13

If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord. 


Romans 14:8


The Christian life is about pleasing God. Therefore, all that we do also affects our Family in Christ, God’s people. In his letter to the Romans, Paul teaches that our lives and our choices must be guarded and considered at all times, because they are a testimony of our belief in Christ. If we are living for ourselves in a way that causes a brother or sister to stumble in their faith, then we are not living by the example of Christ Who surrendered His own life for all. This should not be. Just like Christ chose to give His life for the sake of sinners like us, so we too are called to be like Him. We are to be His followers who choose to refrain from judgment against our family in Christ and instead focus on our own walk with Him.

Now, there is Truth of the Gospel which cannot be negotiated: mainly Jesus’ identity as both God and human, His miracles, His death, and His resurrection. These are staples of our faith which must be upheld in order for us to worship and serve God in Spirit and Truth. But there are other applications of our faith, mainly practices, where we may differ in opinion – for instance, dietary practices and worship on specific days. To these things, Paul says that we must be focused on being fully convinced for ourselves how God is leading us, and we must be convinced that it is indeed God Who is leading us to apply our faith in these ways. For at the end of our lives, we will give an account not of what others have done for God, but of what we have done for Him within the time God has given us.

How is God leading you to live a life of Grace and Truth? As we uphold and share the Truth of the Gospel, as we encourage our Family of believers in persevering in the things of God, these aspects of living in faith are always better understood when we bring this question to Him: Lord, what pleases You?


Lord, none can compare to Your wisdom. No one can begin to understand the wonders of Your glory that You reveal by Your Grace. Thank You for Your patience with me as I follow You. Thank You for Your constant guidance and unfailing love. I pray that You would keep at the forefront of my mind the desire to please You and in all that I do, so that I would be a blessing to Your people and a reflection of Your love. I pray this prayer in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: Romans 14; 1 Samuel 26; Psalm 69