Friday January 8, 2021

Today’s Reading: John 19:5-16

But they shouted, “Take Him away! Take Him away! Crucify Him!” Pilate said to them, “Should I crucify your king?” “We have no king but Caesar!” the chief priests answered.

John 19:15

Reflection: “Here is your King!” declared Pilate to the crowd, an ironic invitation to see Jesus in His true Identity. He wore a purple robe, and was given a reed for a staff. A crown of thorns had been placed upon His Head. He had endured the mockery of fools and stood in humility in front of the crowd. The chief priests were already determined to have Jesus killed. In the Presence of the Son of God, they shouted, “We have no king but Caesar,” an utter rejection not only of God the Son, but of God the Father. And as a result, Jesus was taken away to be crucified.

The rejection of God’s Reign does not leave the throne of peoples’ hearts void. Instead, this seat is always filled with something or someone in the place of the rightful King. We see through Pilates’ actions that he honored himself. Pilate saw the corruption against Jesus that was unfolding and tried to appease it rather than oppose it, for the sake of preserving his own seat on the throne. On the other hand, we see through the chief priests’ words that they upheld the reign of a worldly king upon whose law they depended to enact murder of the True King. All of us live as subjects to what or who reigns in our hearts, and our words and deeds reflect this reign. What do our actions reveal about the ruler of our hearts?

“Many a crown has been secured by blood, and so is this, but it is His own Blood; many a throne has been established by suffering, and so is this, but He Himself bears the pain.” – Charles H. Spurgeon

Prayer: Loving God, Your Sovereign Reign is perfect, and Your Grace is eternal. Thank You for Your mercy upon me. You are the One True King, and You are my King. But I confess before You that my actions and words do not always reflect and honor You. Forgive me when I stray Lord, and help me to live increasingly as one who is wholly devoted to You. Grant me the diligence to live a life which truly brings You honor and praise. I pray all of these things in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, AMEN.

Thru the Bible in a year (credit: John 18:38-19:16; 2 Chronicles 29; Psalm 85